An art exhibition of ‘Art M’: A glimpse of life in the canvas


New Delhi. A grand art exhibition “Karma Pantika” is being organized from November 17 to 20, in the National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum, New Delhi, by the famous Art Training Center “Art M” A Complete Fine Art and Craft Institute. Which was inaugurated by chief guest Laxmi Narayan Naik (reputed artist and writer). After the inauguration, the souvenir of Karma Pentika was released by reputable guests.

Renowned guest Raju Kumar is the country’s leading artist and remains a special center of the exhibition. He has come a long way in the field of painting and today he is one of the famous painters of the country. They have achieved a special place. Many of his disciples today look like the famous painters of the country. Kundan Kumar, the founder of Art M and the organizer of this exhibition, has been his disciple. He has organized this exhibition in a very grand manner, which is praised by the guests there.

Addressing the audience, artist Laxmi Narayan Naik said that art is a feeling. The kind of art that you will feel inside will look similar to that. Art is a dedication. Is the study of subtlety. The illustration of what we can not see is artwork. According to him, a successful artist is the one who is able to read the feelings inside him. In his address, he said that artists should avoid duplication.

Renowned painter Raju Kumar has said that art should not be pleasing on the other. Art should not be binding. If you are painting according to the other’s mind, this is not artwork. If you are the artist then do your mind. Because art is your creation.. It’s going to do it. Convert it to your fantasies, feelings. If you listen to your mind then you will get better.

The respected guest and famous Kathak dancer Nirmala Negi has said that you take the help of brushes and colors to create emotions and I reflect the feelings through dance. But both of us are living art. Being an artist is not as easy as people understand. To become an artist, it has to dedicate itself to art. That surrender will only take you as an artist. Whether it is any area of ​​art.

Honoring the guests, Art M founder Kundan Kumar said that he has worked tirelessly for this exhibition. Expressing gratitude to the guests, he said that in his affinity, I learned art, today he attend as the chief guest in our event, it is a privilege for me. He said that Asgar Ali, Neeraj Garg and Madheshwar Dayal have a special contribution in this art exhibition. Many special guests also attended this exhibition. Sarfaraz Ahmed, National President of the Arts Club Foundation, congratulated of Art M. Founder Kundan kumar for arranging and managing this grand art exhibition.