Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.


Naveen Garg:Whenever you think about this topic; a romantic passionating, furious thought sparks in the brain. It
seems something has to come up related to romance and sex. But my thoughts go deeper, especially
when it comes with relation to medical world. Sex is a natural phenomenon like our other daily needs.
An urge to do it, is like hunger. Body craves for it as it does for food. In fact food and sex are two basic
needs of any living organism. With the evolution, civilization, technology and science, we humans have
learned how to make sex passionable, loveable, funnable than merely a biological phenomenon of
regeneration. Our heart flutters, it gives a moment of thought of sex, whenever we see or feel someone
interesting. Our heart starts beating, our head starts rolling—– a sensation “to do it now” happens. But
are we really ready for it……..
Sex is considered as most pleasurable moment in life, though it lasts for less but its effects sustains a lot.
Emotions are generated in brain, motions happen in crouches. You release in crouches and orgasms
occur in brain. Then what the HEART do in between two…… well it jumps with joy.
We generally divide Sexual activity into phases that includes–
Phase-1 Desire
What strikes your mind? What that excites you first? A beautiful idea that comes into your mind is first
step that urges you to go for sexual activity. In this phase your brain calculates all the plans. So it solely a
phase of chemicals in the brain that tingles the nerves of the body and pushes you to grab the
Phase-2 Excitement
Your brain pushes all signals to body parts. Hearts starts jumping, beats go up, skin becomes hot, face
flushes with blood, more blood moves to genitals, your blood pressure goes up. No doubt you go
“mad”….better say “wild”. Basically you are ON
Phase 3: Plateau
This is non-stoppable phase, body demands that show must go on. Many hormones in body like
Dopamine, Adrenaline, Oxytocin Serotonins and Endorphins are released. All these chemicals make you
euphoric—no pains, ecstasy, you being at seventh heaven. During this phase all your feelings happens in
the hind brain—the part of brain above the nape and all is due to forceful pumping of blood into the
brain by heart.
Phase 4: Orgasm
The final phase of all excitements. You are at climax. More hormones like oxytocin are released. They
give a boost to all your pleasures. Your beats may reach to maximum, breathings may get stuck or
become fast, your muscles are shuddering and blood pressure is at its peak. This boosting is of short stay
but builds long relations.
Phase 5: Resolution
Now you are back to resting phase, all complete, relaxed and happy. You may feel sleepy, tired or
hungry also. No doubt sex is generally hailed as a great natural remedy for the blues.

After knowing the changes in the body, it’s clear how heart helps you to perform an act that really
wonderful to you. Thus a healthy heart is necessary to have good sexual experiences.
When we talk about the health of heart during sexual activity; it must be emphasizes that death during
sex is also a known content. Many big personalities had embraced death during lovemaking.
Cardiovascular deaths are the main cause in all cases of death after lovemaking and as usual, men are
more prone to it (women may call Karmas for Cheating). The risk of death is though small of about 1 per
10000person-years. This amount is small but concern able. The risk is more among who have cardiac
disease. The interesting point is that death occurs after sex that is in resolution phase and in that way
you die happy. During this phase when body relaxes it demands more blood to wash out toxins gathered
due to vigorous exercise. This time our arteries dilate, but if the arteries of the heart (coronaries) fail to
dilate then it will lead to heart attacks or other problems. Thus for patients with cardiac problems sex
must be refrained?? Not at all, if we consider how weak or strong your heart is, a simple exercise may
help you out. It is safe to have sex if you can climb up two flights of stairs without becoming out of
breath or having chest pain, palpitations and giddiness (individual variations are high—this statement is
too general). So, a regular check-up and physical exercise of more than 6 METS (Metabolic Equivalents)
is enough to keep your-self fit for sex.
Can we make sex safe?? Now this is really a good question— before I could answer this question we
must know the factors that have been proven for love-death cases—
1. Male sex
2. Elderly age
3. Unknown previous cardiac health status
4. Over abuse of alcohol
5. Over eating
6. Drug abuse
7. Over confidence or enthusiasm
8. Physically inactive personality
9. Type-A personality
All these factors contribute to coital death in men. Women are very-very less at risk and cardiac health
do matters a lot in women too. So now tips to go safe includes—
1. Start carefully and slowly. Be fully rested and relaxed.
2. Make sure about your healthy meals and avoid loving making immediately after that.
3. Find a comfortable sexual position. Men on top coitus are associated with marked disparities in
energy expenditures.
4. Take medical help especially of cardiologist, before taking self-medications.

By  Dr.Naveen Garg Faridabad