Indigo Passenger thanked staff for serving water and food during flight delay


New Delhi: Many times many airlines receive flak for providing poor services to the passengers and fail to live upto their expectations during the flight.. but this time surprisingly one of the passengers actually praised the flight staff for providing water and snacks during the flight delay. One such passenger took to social media to express gratitude to being empathetic during the flight and provided snacks and water to make up to the delay.

The flight was suppose to fly to leh but got delayed due to poor weather conditions. The passenger shared the post describing his experience with the flight while waiting at the tarmac. His post received mixed reactions from internet users some positive some negative and some neutral.

Appreciating Indigo for running the AC,cabin crew constantly serving passengers with water and they handed us a small snack packet ..

Many users posted different reactions, one of them wrote The last time i had this meal was last week and it had a sandwich, another one writes Indigo is getting worse.

The corporate meal for which they charge like 300 odd rupees has one 4cm biscuit and the non-saleable pomegranate juice by paper boat. They wont even include a sandwich. Worst food service. Zero VFMWhile someone said But still people diss IndiGo like anything, on the other hand it’s far better than any Indian airline rnOne user wrote, Now this is hospitality, compared to what has happened previously.

Second one says I have always appreciated the airline’s hygiene and cleanliness. It’s always been better. Though, they no longer greet passengers like they used to years ago.

On the other hand, one of the passengers who was flying from Air India shared a harrowing experience he had during his flight to New York when he bought a ticket for over Rs 5 Lakhs. He was served stale food and worn-out sheets. This incident also received a lot of reactions from users in the social media.