Zomato’s urges customers to avoid ordering during peak afternoon unless necessary


New Delhi: As the temperature refuse to go down and it almost gets impossible to walk in the afternoon especially between 12-4 pm, the Indian Multinational Restaurant Zomato has requested its customers not to order during the peak afternoon hours. The company shared the post and requested customers to place orders only if its necessary. The post received mixed reaction from the users in the Social Media.

The entire North India is reeling under extreme heat wave and many people have even lost their lives. May 29th witnessed the most high temperature which was 52.9 degree Celsius. Many people have moved to Hill Stations to avoid the high temperature. Doctors advised Senior citizens and children not to step out unless its absolutely necessary.

The most risky time to step out of the house is between 11am-4pm when the temperature is extremely high. If you are walking out, do not forget to carry water or make sure to cover your head with an umbrella.