Arjun Kapoor has dated two women of Salman Khan’s family


New Delhi, Today is Arjun Kapoor’s birthday and the occasion calls for a discussion on the great charisma and appeal that this hunk carries. It’s not without reason that girls fall for him. Call it a teenage crush or an infatuation, but once upon a time he and Arpita were more than friends, but the relationship did not last. An there were broken hearts an tears. But then the two have never talked about this.

And then came a big surprise. When differences between Arbaaz Khan and Mallaika Arora grew, apparently Arjun Kapoor was held responsible. Reportedly Malaika and Arjun grew close to each other and this became the apple of discord between the two.

Till date the two have not spoken a single word about their relationship, but the papparazi has not been kind and have often clicked the love-birds together.

There certainly is something about Ajun Kapoor.

Arjun has also grew a new leaf after his closeness with his sisters Jhanvi and Khushi after Sridevi’s death.

A thinking mind is screwed on the responsible shoulders. Deadly combination of looks and golden heart.