“We are excited to support this visionary timetable change for LA28..”: Sebsatian Cole announces the big change


New Delhi: Sebastian Cole, the president of World Athletics has come out with a big change in the timetable of the Olympic races. Earlier, the athletics schedule during the Olympics and Paralympics was usually towards the fag end of the entire Olympic schedule. However, the athletics will now take place in the first half of the Olympics when the mega event switches to America.

The change is done with the hope to optimise the planning of the Venues which are spread across Los Angeles where the next Olympics is scheduled to take place. Furthermore, it also will help to elevate the experience of all the viewers who travel from far-off places to witness the Athletics events.

Overseeing the new changes in the Olympic schedule, Sebastian Cole has remarked “….By prioritising athletics in the first week, the Games will witness the most thrilling of starts…”

What are the major changes?
According to the World Athletics and the LA28 officials, the swimming events have been slotted in the second week. In place of swimming events Athletics, will fill in to unlock pre-Games promotions and adequate Game-time viewership. This swap will also ensure that Athletics will be able to churn out the massive hype that is created after the opening ceremony.

However, the Olympics has a long line of traditions which is more than a century old. Naturally, the historic marathon will remain in the last weekend of the Olympics and Paralympics calendar. This will be followed by the medal ceremony.

The Los Angeles 2028 Olympics is scheduled to take place from 14-30 July 2028. It will feature over 10,000 athletes from across the world with some of the big names from the world of sports taking the field. Currently, the Olympic caravan has moved to Paris where the games are scheduled to start on the 26th of July and end on the 11th of August.