Man makes ChatGPT flirt with 5,000 women, AI bot ends up finding a wife for him


New Delhi: OpenAI’s ChatGPT is revolutionizing our world and with each passing day, more & more people are using it to enhance their performance in daily tasks. Be it for simplifying complicated office work, generating creative ideas, or accessing study material, the AI Chatbot is slowly but surely becoming an all-weather companion for the masses.

However, a Russian man recently made Chat GPT do something for him a few could have ever imagined in their wildest dreams. Taking the aid of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbot, 23-year-old Aleksandr Zhadan found the love of his life by making it date & flirt with over 5000 women on his behalf.

Man makes ChatGPT date 5000 women
After struggling to find his Mrs right for a while, Aleksandr, an ace software developer, came up with a unique idea of using ChatGPT to get the job done for him. Following that, he started training the chatbot, making it learn how to interact with the ladies & flirt with them the way he does.

Speaking about the same, Zhadan recalled the struggles he faced while preparing the chatbot to date for him and told RIA Novosti that initially, ChatGPT used to write nonsense stuff to women but gradually he managed to train the chatbot so well that it started talking to the ladies in a way he would have done himself.

ChatGPT Finds The Perfect Match
Eventually, after making the Chatbot date and interact with over 500 women, the 23-year-old then added a filter inside ChatGPT”s neural network and asked it to suggest to him the names of a few women he should talk to by himself.

After evaluating & analyzing the messages & interactions of all the women, ChatGPT then shortlisted a few women & suggested Aleksandr to date & chat with any of them. This led to the guy meeting a woman named Karina with whom, he instantly vibed and even went on a bunch of successful dates.

Following that, ChatGPT asked Aleksandr to propose Karina while suggesting that the two share a balanced and strong relationship with one another. The woman also happily accepted his proposal & the couple eventually got engaged within the next few days.