A Killer Paradox OTT Release Date: Everything about this mystery-thriller supernatural drama


New Delhi: With continuing Korean dramas and the latest announcement of A Killer Paradox, featuring ‘Parasite’ star Choi Woo Shik, Netflix has already set a strong start in 2024. The 9th of February will mark the debut of the Netflix original series A Killer Paradox.

A teaser for the series was also published in January 2024; it depicted two characters honing their skills in a game of cat and mouse.

A Killer Paradox, which is based on the same name webtoon, has received the Today’s Korean Cartoon Award, Reader’s Cartoon Grand Awards, and the Korea Contents Awards.

Plot Synopsis
The protagonist, Lee Tang, is just an average college student. One night while working part-time at a convenience store, he gets into a conflict with a client. Without realising it, he swings a hammer, killing the man. Eventually, after some time of haunting feelings of remorse and dread about his murder, Lee Tang finds out that the man he murdered was a serial killer and begins to understand that he has a supernatural talent for spotting evil. In no time at all, he transforms into a dark hero who exacts vengeance on those who have done wrongdoing.

The relentless investigator Jang Nan Gam is following closely behind, searching for any hints of his whereabouts. Lee Tang, who is rushing to seem like an innocent college student while secretly acting as a vigilante, draws him closer to his instincts and experiences.