US women throws two puppies in dustbin, CCTV footage goes viral


New Delhi: A woman in USA’s Louisiana recently dumped two small puppies into a roadside trash bin for unknown reasons. While both the dogs were later rescued by her neighbor, a CCTV video of the lady’s heinous act is now drawing flack on the internet.

In the viral CCTV footage, the woman, wearing a pink t-shirt paired with black shorts, is seen walking towards the dustbin with a small dog in her hands. She is then observed picking up the animal and throwing it into the bin.

Moments later, the footage further records the lady lifting another dog from the road and putting it inside the bin as well. A man in a yellow shirt and black shorts also accompanies her while she commits the insensitive act.

According to the reports, the incident allegedly took place on June 2 2024 in the evening. The clip featuring it was later shared by St Landry Crime Stoppers on social media who dropped it with a brief description on their official Facebook handle.

Shortly after the incident, both the accused man and woman, identified as Jasmine Mountain and Kendall Tyler, were arrested by the authorities who identified them with the help of video evidence. They are now facing charges under several provisions related to Animal Cureality.

Although the puppies were rescued by a neighbor, immediately after the women threw them off, their whereabouts are still unknown.

Netizens’ reaction to social media post
Meanwhile, taking to the comment section of the video, several social media users also reacted to the incident by expressing their anger against the culprit lady. While some demanded strict action against her for unnecessarily harassing the dogs, others wondered what made her throw them inside the garbage bin randomly.

“Crazy people, how can they do something so disgusting? They are poor puppies. Hope they find them and throw the book at them.” wrote one user.”Who are they?” added another. ” A third comment read, “People these days are becoming inhumane at an alarming rate.|