Singham Again New Poster: Akshay Kumar shares his FIRST glimpse as he jumps from a helicopter


New Delhi: The official poster for the forthcoming film Singham Again directed by Rohit Shetty finally reveals Akshay Kumar’s first glimpse. On Sunday, November 05, the director posted a picture to his Instagram profile in which Akshay can be seen freefalling from a helicopter.

It wasn’t long before he was back in action as ATS Chief DCP Veer Sooryavanshi. The latest poster of him depicts him amid an action scenario, which calls to mind the movie Sooryavanshi in which he starred.

On the poster, Akshay is seen wearing an all-black attire and holding firearms in both hands as he freefalls from a helicopter while looking quite suave.

On the second anniversary of Akshay Kumar’s critically acclaimed film Sooryavanshi, director Rohit Shetty has released a new poster for his next film Singham Again, which features the actor in the lead role. Both movies are connected to Rohit Shetty’s world of police procedurals.

While sharing the poster, Rohit Shetty made the following caption: “In Singham Again, we are just doing what our fans want us to do!

So here it is…

Akshay Kumar and a helicopter!

As we complete 2 years of Sooryavanshi,

VEER SOORYAVANSHI joins the battle with Singham.