UN: Fifty countries issue joint statement against Russia’s veto on Ukraine resolution


New Delhi: As many as fifty counties have issued a joint statement saying that Russia “abused” its veto power by blocking a UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution condemning the Russian military action in Ukraine.

This comes after Russia on Friday vetoed a draft UN resolution on Ukraine. The joint statement, which was read aloud by the US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said this resolution was “vital and straightforward.”

“Fundamentally, it was about whether the countries on the Security Council – charged with maintaining international peace and security – believe in upholding the UN Charter,” the statement said.

Holding Russian President Vladimir Putin responsible, the signatories said that Russia’s action amounts to “violation of the UN Charter.”

“Russia has abused its power today to veto our strong resolution. But Russia cannot veto our voices. Russia cannot veto the Ukrainian people. Russia cannot veto their own people protesting this war in the streets. Russia cannot veto the UN Charter. Russia cannot, and will not, veto accountability,” the statement added.

“We will be taking this matter to the General Assembly, where the Russian veto does not apply and the nations of the world will continue to hold Russia accountable,” it added. The vote on Russia was 11 in favor, one against, and three abstentions.

India, China, and UAE abstained from voting on the draft resolution.

India may have abstained from the vote but New Delhi has called for immediate de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine and advocated for a diplomatic solution.