Pakistani doctor caught by FBI … Was trying to conduct bomb blasts in US


New Delhi: A Pakistani terrorist posing as a doctor has been arrested in the US state of Minnesota for trying to carry out bomb blasts in America.

This terrorist doctor was allegedly a henchman of Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). He was planted in the US state of Minnesota in the guise of a doctor to carry out terrorist attacks in America.

The ISI had reportedly given this doctor terrorist the task of carrying out bomb blasts in various cities of America.

According to the ISI plan, these blasts were to be linked to terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) so that Pakistan’s involvement is not disclosed and there may be destruction in America.

This terrorist doctor was planning to carry out a bomb blast in the US and then escape to Jordan, from where he reportedly intended to travel to Syria.

However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the government of Jordan had sealed the country’s borders before the February 21 flight from Chicago to Amman, Jordan.

As a result, 28-year-old Mohammed Masoud could not escape from America and was apprehended by US security agencies Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Anti Terrorist Squad.

Masood has confessed to American security agencies that he himself was going to carry out the blasts in the US if he could not get a direct link to the ISIS.

Months before his arrest, Masood had told paid informants from the FBI, whom he believed to be ISIS agents, that he wanted to carry out bomb blasts in the USA and travel to Syria to fight for the ISIS.

Masood had obtained a H1 visa from the US as a Pakistani doctor and was a research co-ordinator at Mayo Hospital and Research Center.

It took the US security agencies a full two months to expose the racket of this terrorist doctor. Masood was arrested by the FBI and Anti-Terrorist Squad on March 18 from St. Paul Airport in Minneapolis.

For the past two months, US security agencies have been questioning him and exposing his racket. American agents have arrested many people associated with this Pakistani terrorist but have not revealed the identity of the others.

According to court documents, Masood also planned to carry out a terrorist attack in the US.

After the arrest of this ISI henchman, the US authorities are looking at the option of ending H1 visas to Pakistan or implement new, tougher rules. The Donald Trump administration may soon announce these new measures.