Green product launched in Punjab to counter stubble burning


Chandigarh, Agri-biotech company Kan Biosys launched an eco-friendly product here to tackle the problem of stubble burning.

The product, Speed Kompost, does not pose any risks to the environment and helps in enhancing the soil quality and agricultural yield, the company said.

The product is a compost accelerating formulation which comprises a unique blend of cellulose-degrading, starch degrading, protein degrading bacteria and fungi, it said.

These microbes when added to the raw compost heap, germinate to produce hyphae or cells. The various microbes, which digest the plant waste, present in Speed Kompost help the recycling of crop residues and wastes effectively along with soil reclamation, resulting in enhanced soil quality.

Apart from this, the usage of the product also ensures a significant increase in the nutrition value of the soil, according to the company.