Women’s Saree catches fire while performing stunt, Netizens say, All this for a Reel, Really!!


New Delhi: The internet is flooded with shocking, Hilarious and Life threatening stunts in the internet. One such video is buzzing in the Social Media where the women is seen wearing a saree and trying to perform a stunt when accidentally her saree catches fire. In the video, the women can be seen trying to perform a somersault with crackers tied to her shoe, as she climbs the pole to perform the stunt, another person comes from behind and lights up the firecracker, but unfortunately her saree catches fire and suddenly people rush to help the girl. Take a look..

As the stunt gone wrong, her friends who were standing and capturing the video rush to help her as she is seen trying to take off the crackers tying to her shoes. The girl almost completed the 360 degree flip when this happened. However nothing serious happened .The clip has received over 1 core views in Instagram with around 1 lakh likes.

Netizens React
Many users in the Internet were taking Pot shots of the reel, some wrote risking life just to get some likes, one user wrote, ‘Dekha Laparwahi ka Nateeja, ‘Reel banani hai to itni risk wali mat banaya kro’, someone wrote, ‘ Ban gai Holi, another one wrote, ‘This is all fake and made up just to get attention’. This is not the first time the user has made such video, she has been uploading many stunts like this in her Instagram.

Many Youtubers in order to become successful in the internet have been uploading videos ahead of Holi just to get likes and attention. People should take ample precaution while performing such stunts. Many time people don’t understand the gravity of the situation and only care about making the reel and how to make it more powerful to achieve more views and likes.