Beauty and Mr. Romantic OTT Release Date: Everything about this romantic Korean melodrama starring Im Soo Hyang


New Delhi: The forthcoming Korean romance melodrama Beauty and Mr. Romantic (also known as Beauty and the Devoted) features a captivating plot and a stellar cast, drawing in fans from all around the globe.

The drama’s romantic comedy idea is sure to win over viewers. The narrative revolves around the outstanding actors – Ji Hyun Woo and Im Soo Hyang.

Being a notable actress is Park Do Ra’s only hope for escaping poverty, according to her mother Baek Mi Ja. Park Do Ra is a highly intelligent, courageous, and energetic lady. After becoming a famous and wealthy celebrity, all Do Ra wants to do is relax and enjoy her newfound wealth, but her mother is always getting in the way.

As a result of Do Ra’s popularity, Mi Ja can afford to fashion more lavishly than any other celebrity. Nevertheless, Mi Ja wants more. Mi Ja’s demands are causing Do Ra to feel overwhelmed by her busy schedule, and she considers leaving her role as lead in the upcoming drama Straightforward Romance. However, she is unable to do so after meeting her first love, the assistant director Go Pil Sung.

Although Pil Sung loves his work, he wants to quit Straightforward Romance because of Do Ra’s overprotectiveness. He is caught off guard when an unexpected assignment to lead her solely comes into his hands.

Release Date and Platform
On March 23, 2024, the family drama Beauty and Mr. Romantic will be released on Viki Rakuten and KBS.

Cast and Crew
The key parts in the Korean drama Beauty and Mr. Romantic are played by two famous actors. Im Soo Hyang (known for her roles in Graceful Family, Kokdu: Season of Deity, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and more) plays the role of Park Do Ea. The part of Go Pil Seung is played by the famed Ji Hyun Woo of Wanted and Angry Mom, among others.

Many more actors and actresses round up the supporting cast, including Go Yoon, Park Sang Won, Lee Il Hwa, and Lee Young Eun.

The drama was written by Kim Sa Kyung and directed by Hong Seok Goo.

The outstanding production crew, captivating storyline, and outstanding cast of Beauty and Mr. Romantic guarantee that this K-drama will be a hit with viewers and fans alike.