‘How Bizzare & Shameful’: Netizens react to Girls Performing Obscene act inside Metro


New Delhi: Delhi Metro is known for many violent. funny and viral incidents. One such video is buzzing in the internet ahead of Holi. The video shows two girls dressed up in an ethnic wear sitting on the floor and applying color at each other’s face in a shameful manner. One of them is seen wearing a saree and it looks like someone is capturing the act in the camera while the two are sitting close with each other rubbing color on each other’s face while humming a song. They have also kept a cloth on the floor which has colour and one of them is using that colour to apply on the face of the other girl.

The act soon received reactions and users start slamming the Delhi Metro administration and calling it shameful and bizzare. Take a look..

Surprisingly the act is witnessed by the other passengers in the train in an embarrassing way. The act received massive criticism demanding action. One user wrote, its metro station or seduced station.

Talking about the services of the Delhi Metro on Holi, the metro services will be functional from 2.30pm in the afternoon as announced by DMRC.