Who is Pak model Ayesha Omar? Is she the reason behind Sania-Shoaib alleged break-up?


New Delhi: Amid reports of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik break-up, a Pakistan actress named Ayesha Omar has become talk of the town. While the celebrity duo are said to be heading towards divorce, social media is abuzz with Shoaib’s alleged affair with a Pakistani model. Reports also suggest that the differences cropped up between the couple over Shoaib’s alleged closeness with the Pakistani model.

A Pak media reported that Shoaib and Ayesha developed warm relationship while working in a television show and that fructified further with time. The popular talk on internet is that Pak model Ayesha Omar is the reason behind Sania-Shoaib divorce.

Who is Ayesha Omar?
Ayesha Omar is a known Pakistani model, actress and a YouTuber. She is not just a glamorous diva, a style icon but also among the highest-paid actresses in Pakistan.

She played lead role in a couple of movies including romcom Karachi Se Lahore (2015) and then supporting roles in movies like Yalghaar (2017) & Kaaf Kangana (2019).

Is Ayesha the reason behind rocky marriage?
While the social media remains rife with rumours of divorce between Sania & Shoaib, pictures of Shoaib & Ayesha have also hit the internet.

Shoaib Malik did a photoshoot with the model last year. Later, the Pak cricketer speaking to media also said that Ayesha helped him a lot in doing bold photoshoot.

Have Sania-Shaoib called it quits?
A recent revelation by close friend of the couple also said that both are living separately for sometime now and there is no room for reconciliation. However, the couple got together last year to celebrate the birthday of their son Izhaan Mirza Malik in Dubai.

No official word has come out from either Shoaib or Sania about rebutting cricketer’s alleged extramarital life with Pak actress.