Kim Kardashian transforms herself into X- Men’s mystique for Halloween, internet asks Marvel to cast her


New Delhi: Everyone prepares for a Halloween party by choosing their costumes and dressing up as their favourite cartoon character. Halloween has been celebrated for more than a hundred years now, and it has also become secular in most places. Inspired by pop culture, last year Bollywood also celebrated this festival and a few celebrities held Halloween parties this year as well. It was believed that on the day of Halloween the souls of dead people returned to their homes.

Hence, people dresses in costumes of witches, ghosts, and their favourite comic characters on the day. Earlier, people used to do bonfires to send souls away, but nowadays it is considered a holiday for dressing up and having fun, especially for children.

Like people across the world, Hollywood celebrities too appeared all ready to showcase their costumes for Halloween. Just like each year, Kim Kardashian and sisters had some major surprises in picking their outfits, and on Sunday, a day before Halloween, Kim Kardashian shared a pic of their Halloween outfits on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian is popular TV celebrity and presenter, and her Halloween outfit seemed to be a spandex suit as she painted her face in blue, her hair in red, wore pointed high heels and transformed into X-men’s mystique.

Mystique is a form-changing mutant [living being] who has flame-red hairs and a blue body with scales. Kim managed all the details very well in her outfit. When Kim Kardashian showcased her outfit on social media, many users commented on her picture with heart emojis, while some of the users asked the makers of X-man to cast her in the title as soon as possible, another user said that “she’s killing it in the costume”.