#DoNotTouchMyClothes: Afghan women launch campaign against Taliban


New Delhi: Since the terror group Taliban captured Afghanistan and came to power, Afghans, particularly women have seen the collision of persecution. Most of the progressive and financially secured women have already flee their homes, quit their jobs and settled life, to start again from the scratch.

Though, Social media is now seeing an online campaign launched by Afghan women to denounce Taliban’s strict orthodox dress-code for women.

Afghan women have been sharing their photos in traditional Afghan attire, displaying their cultural richness and diversity, under #DoNotTouchMyClothes on twitter.

Initially, the campaign was started by Bahar Jalali, a former history professor at the American University in Afghanistan, to protest against Taliban’s mandatory imposition of Hijab for women.

Recently Taliban’s new Higher Education Minister had announced that female students will be allowed to attend gender separate classes in universities, but only in the proper Islamic dress codes.

Posting a picture of herself in a stunning traditional dress with elegant embroidery, Jalali tweeted, “This is Afghan culture. I am wearing a traditional Afghan dress”.