I wasn’t Mehul Choksi girlfriend & he’s not my sugar daddy: Barbara Jabarica


New Delhi: Mehul Choksi’s mystery lady, Barbara Jabarica  made a new revelation, she made it clear in a few interviews that Mehul Choksi is not her sugar daddy or anything like that.

She said, “I’ve my own income & business. I don’t need his cash, support, hotel booking, fake jewellery, or anything like that.”

“I saw all these pictures, I can see how he looked before and I think he lost a lot of weight and he looks very different. I don’t think someone is walking in Caribbean on a holiday and he would spot out that he is Mehul Choksi that I read in Indian news,” Barbara Jabarica told.

“No one contacted me. There was no sign of abduction & I said in other interviews, for people who know Jolly Harbour area, it’s impossible to kidnap anyone there, in safest place, family area: Barbara Jabarica to ANI, on if any Indian besides Mehul Choksi, was in touch with her.”

“But if you ask my opinion, I can be more and more certain that Cuba could have been his (Mehul Choksi) final destination & somehow he wanted to stop by in Dominica maybe,” Barbara Jabarica told.

“I’m European, I live in Europe & I’m not following Indian news. I’m also not following list of fraudsters so I haven’t been aware of his real name & background until last week & I believe most people in Antigua…I don’t think anyone knew his name or background,”said Barbara Jabarica.