BJP leader shares ‘Congress toolkit’, claims Rahul trying to use pandemic to sully PM Modi’s image


New Delhi: Amid the barrage of accusations and allegations by Opposition parties over Centre’s ‘poor handling’ of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday release a set of documents to expose the Congress attempt to malign PM Modi’s image.

BJP leader Sambit Patra took to Twitter and shared 2 purported documents of Congress research department and called them a party‘toolkit’ with “elaborate plans” to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi and help build a “biased narrative” over Covid-19 management and the Central Vista project.

In fact, the particular “toolkit” is being shared on Twitter since morning with the hashtag ‘CongressToolkitExposed’

Sharing the details of documents, Patra called the “toolkit” more of Congress’ ‘PR exercise than a soulful endeavour’. He went on to call it an agenda of the Congress and accused Rahul Gandhi of “wanting to use this opportunity of Pandemic to destroy the image of PM Modi”.

Citing the “Congress toolkit”, Patra said that the party workers were “instructed to call the mutant strain as ‘Modi strain’”.

Later, Sambit Patra briefed the media and slammed Congress for plotting against PM Modi.

Rajiv Gowda, who heads Congress research department called this a canard and accused the BJP of propagating a fake “toolkit” on Covid-19 mismanagement and attributing it to his party.

Congress responded to the “toolkit”, saying if the BJP “had spent as much time & effort in helping people, they wouldn’t have to spread lies about the people who are doing their jobs for them.”