Mukesh Khanna refutes his death rumors, says I’m all right


New Delhi: Famous for his roles played in Shaktimaan and ‘Mahabharata’, Mukesh Khanna refuted rumors of his death that suddenly started circulating on social media today.

Some social media users started sharing the posts of his death on social media. However, Mukesh Khanna has made it clear that he is absolutely healthy.

Talking to Mukesh Khanna said, ‘I am absolutely fine. I do not know who spread this news. I am getting calls from a lot of people. ‘

Mukesh Khanna shared the video and said, ‘I have come before you to tell that I am absolutely fine. I refute this rumor and also condemn it. This is the problem on social media that people spread anything. You all have my prayers with me and what can happen to the one with whom you have all the blessings. Thank you so much for your concern for me so much. ‘