Mr. Pradeep Mohanty, Managing Director , Sledgehammer Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd. becomes the First Indian to own Diamond DA62 Aircraft


Faridabad: ”Up above the world so high , like a Diamond in the sky.” Mr. Pradeep Mohanty has lived up to this phrase by being the first Indian to have bought the Diamond DA62. The legacy that Mr. Mohanty has worked for is not based on just hard work and determination alone but it was the dream that he worked for, that shaped his vision.

Making us proud and defining what true passion is all about, Mr. Pradeep Mohanty is certainly looked up as an inspiration to many. He truly believes in living life king size.

We take an insight of his journey of this moment.

When asked about when did it all started, the thought of flying this craft came in his mind in October 2019 and it was in May 2020 that Mr. Pradeep Mohanty, made this a reality.

The Diamond DA62 is a powerful twin-engine aircraft, honing the Austro Engine E4 and has a Top Speed of 367 km/h. With a Wingspan of 15 m and a Cruising Speed of 325 km/h , the DA62 is a true marvel of Aeronautics. Nicknamed the “Ultimate Flying Machine”, the Diamond DA62 is a seven-seater aircraft ,which is perfect for any domestic travel with friends and family and does not require much space for take-off and landing due to its fast speed.

“Fitted with all the modern technologies to make flying a better experience , the twin-engine acts as a life saver for any unlikely situation of an engine failure during which it can still run on one engine until safe landing is made,” describes Mr. Pradeep Mohanty. When asked about the feeling of his “New Wings”, Mr. Mohanty finds himself to fall “short on words” and describes it as a “Dream come true”.

How has your journey been throughout, from choosing to owning this aircraft?

“It has been a long journey for choosing and selection of this Aircraft. In India the aircrafts are not good for fun-flying because the aircrafts are not good, the flying clubs are not working well. The queue is so long that you won’t get your turn as per your requirement. I visited a couple of countries and in India I visited Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Bhubaneswar before I decided on going with DA62 which is fulfilling all my requirements,” says Mr. Mohanty .

Mr. Pradeep Mohanty mentions that he was fortunate to have Mr. Mandeep Sandhu , Director of Air lexsis as his consultant for this project. They helped him to identify craft as per Mr. Mohanty’s need and guided him from purchasing the aircraft to bringing to India with all paper work from OEM to Govt department. “They made this happen.” Mr. Mohanty gladly mentions.

His first trip with the newly purchased air craft would be to Shirdi, to pay tribute to the Almighty without whose blessings his dream could have never come true , stated the humble businessman.

To accomplish his long awaited dream, Mr. Mohanty plans to take all his “friends along with him ,for a cup of coffee to any city; have it and come back in two hours.”

When asked about his message to the younger generations, Mr. Mohanty emphasizes on “not to take short-cuts in life and never loose heart. It may take time, but in the end you will be on the finishing line, you will conquer, certainly.”

“Always keep faith in yourself” Says the proud owner of the Diamond DA62 .

They say , ‘If you dare to dream, you will dream to dare.’ The very essence of the phrase has been realized by Mr. Mohanty , India’s first Diamond DA62 owner.