Coronavirus Pandemic: COVID-19 virus found on packaged food in China


Qingdao (China): Shocking news has surfaced from China exposing the country’s role in spreading the coronavirus pandemic all over the world.

China has confirmed the coronavirus alive on the outer packaging of imported frozen marine fish in the port city of Qingdao. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it detected and isolated the living coronavirus on the outer packaging of imported frozen cod (large sea fish) in Qingdao.

Recently, no new groups of cases were found after tests conducted on approximately 11 million population of Qingdao. According to a report by Xinhua, the risk of cold chain food is very low due to the spread of cold chain virus in the Chinese market.

As of September 15, a total of 2.98 million samples were tested in 24 provincial-level regions of the country, with 670,000 from cold-chain food or food packaging, 1.24 million from working staff and 1.07 million from the environment. The CDC said that only 22 samples from cold-chain food or food packaging were found to be positive for the virus.

In July, China suspended imports of frozen shrimp after the deadly virus was found on packages and the virus on the inner wall of a container. China has banned the import of frozen food from 19 countries last month.

An excuse for frozen food?

In September, officials in China’s capital Beijing were instructed not to take frozen food imported from other countries. Chinese officials believe that many times imported sea food has been detected. While health officials, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have said that there is little possibility of the spread of coronavirus through food. Despite this, China continues to believe that corona has been found in frozen food.

It is being said that China wants to reduce imports by pretending to be frozen food. China used to import US $ 5.25 billion in 2008, while by 2017 it has increased to 9.76 billion.

China is one of the countries with the largest sea food industry in the world. Its industry revenue is projected to grow by 0.2% to 66.7 billion annually over five years by 2020. However, China’s frozen seafood industry is suffering from a slowdown due to the corona virus, which is expected to reduce its revenue by 6.0% in 2020. It is estimated that China has made an attempt to increase its trade by using corona as an excuse for frozen seafood. China imposed a ban on poultry imports from the US Tyson Foods plant in June itself. Last month, there were claims of infection in frozen chicken imported from Brazil.