These foods can help in controlling high blood pressure


NEW DELHI: Due to the changing lifestyle, our physical health keeps suffering more than we know. Increased blood pressure means one of the reasons for hypertension, in which, our blood pressure is much higher than normal. If our blood pressure is more than 140/90, it indicates  that we are suffering from hypertension.

According to a recent research published in the journal Nature Communications, hypertension induces changes in the brain, leading to bad effect on memory. Research has also shown that high blood pressure also reduces our thinking power.

 According to experts, by changing our diet and exercise, we can maintain our blood pressure. Following are some foods that can be helpful for the same.

1. Green leafy vegetables- Potassium is found in sufficient amount in green leafy vegetables which helps in getting rid of sodium. You should include spinach, turnip greens, cabbage and green onions etc. in your food, this will help reduce blood pressure.

2. Red Beetroot – Studies have found that beetroot or nitrate present in beetroot reduces our blood pressure within 24 hours and it also contains sufficient amount of nitric oxide which opens our blood arteries and lowers our blood pressure. It should be taken as a juice or salad

3. Unsweetened milk and curd- The amount of fat in the milk remains very low when it is removed from the cream and also, milk is a good source of calcium. According to the American Heart Association, women who consume yogurt 5 or more times a week have a 20 percent reduction in the chance of hypertension. People suffering from high blood pressure must use milk and curd in their food.

4.  Banana – Banana is considered a good source of potassium. Its consumption benefits a person suffering from hypertension and can be taken as a snack. Also, it contains calcium, which helps in controlling the blood pressure.

5. Dark chocolate – It is rich in cocoa and low in sugar than rest of the chocolates.  According to a 2015 research, dark chocolate helps to keep us away from cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of 100 grams of dark chocolate daily reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease (CVD).