Due to latest TRAI rules iPhone could be banned in India


New Delhi, If you are an iPhone user you are at a risk of losing network operator services after which it will be a mere electronic device and calls can only be connected via the internet over the WiFi.

The American tech giant is at risk of losing access to the network in India unless it compiles Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s latest rules to include the DND app on its iOS platform.

Apple is known for its rigid privacy policies whereas the DND app on Android can read users call logs, SMSes and contacts. Apple doesn’t allow apps to read your messages. For example, Truecaller app has a limited functionality on iOS as compared to Android. However, Apples iOS 11 version allows third party app to filter genuine and spam SMSes.

The DND app helps users report pesky messages and calls, track their complaint status apart from reporting a spam message or a call.

Apple is in a debate from last two years with TRAI but under the new regulations, if Apple doesn’t comply with TRAI’s regulations within six months, then some iPhones will be banned in the country.

A technical expert said new iOS feature can help iPhone user to filter or block spam messages and block calls but not the option to file a complaint with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) against the spammers.

Telecom operators take action against the spammer by disconnecting his phone connection and even blacklisting it