Urvashi Rautela gained 7 kilos for ‘Virgin Bhanupriya’


Mumbai: Actress and former beauty queen Urvashi Rautela reveals how she went for method approach to bring alive her latest role.

For the title role of her new film, “Virgin Bhanupriya”, Urvashi gained seven kilos. As an actor, her challenge was primarily physical, mental and emotional, she says.

“For the character of Bhanupriya I gained seven kilos, which is 15.432 pounds, and I would say preparation is as much as an actor’s job as a performance itself, because Bhanupriya’s physicality, speech or persona are vastly different from my own. As an actor my challenge was primarily physical, mental, emotional and even vocal,” Urvashi said.

Urvashi said she truly wanted to imbibe the traits of her screen avatar, Bhanupriya.

“I wanted to produce the most memorable and admirable performance, and become Bhanupriya, which required dedication,” she said, adding: “So I looked at portraying Bhanupriya from a different perspective. It was very important to focus on Bhanupriya’s internal problem and then express the issue through moments,” she said.