ADGP CID, Haryana, Anil Rao’s presence shone as ray of hope in suffering life of migrant workers.


In these times of Corona, a surge of uplifting emotions and optimism was seen in the workers who were travelling back to their homes from the Gurugram Railway Station. The reason for this upliftment was the Nodal Officer, ADGP, CID, Mr. Anil Rao, who himself arrived at the railway station to oversee the ongoings and to make sure that everything was executed with a proper procedure.

He oversaw the proper conduct of all medical procedures being conducted for the workers and personally enquired from them, if they had all the provisions that they needed

He also made all necessary interactions with the officers who were representing the Rail ministry and oversaw all the ongoing processes from their end as well to ensure that there was no difficulty for the passengers heading home

The passengers were grateful for this and all the other provisions made by the Government of Haryana, to ensure the safety and comfort of their journey back home. This even comprised of free tickets, proper food and water provisions before and during the journey.

Such kind of personal approach was greatly appreciated by the passengers who have already gone through much suffering in the past few months making this note of positivity for all.