Know how Vitamin C helps protect your skin against pollution


New Delhi, As pollution engulfs Delhi and the nearby places, we need to focus on how we can prevent our skin from absorbing all the toxins that are floating in the air. There is a direct correlation between skin and the kind of air we inhale.

Some of the effects of this pollution can be premature aging, skin discoloration, red patches, dull skin, and rashes.

However, through Vitamin C we can reduce these problems if not prevent them completely.

1. Works as an antioxidant

Antioxidants help you in fighting against those free radicals that damage cells. Free radicals in simple terms can be explained as harmful molecules in the air which can do serious damage if they enter your lungs. Studies have reflected how these free radicals can be blamed for heart diseases, breathing problems and in some situation even cancer. Anti-oxidants like vitamin C can destroy the free radicals before it starts causing damage to your body. If these radicals are destroyed the moment they enter your body, then they cannot damage your body or your skin.

2. Creates a protective layer

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in creating an external barrier to prevent our skin from absorbing the harmful air outside. Another reason why Vitamin C can come handy during this time is that it’s going to help you reduce inflammation and redness on your skin.

3. Protection from the UV rays

While you might be doing your bit by applying sunscreen regularly to tackle the UV rays try adding Vitamin C serum before you apply your SPF for better results. Now that we know that pollution isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we cannot live in our houses forever it’s better to look for methods to help your skin during this hard time. Do not give up on your SPF when the pollution is high since sun damage can make your skin worse.

4. Hydrates your skin

One thing that you can never miss upon is keeping your skin hydrated. Drinking loads of water during this time is the best thing you could do right now. However, drinking water might not be enough for skin due to the harsh damage outside. Applying vitamin C serum can help you in moisturizing your skin and locking that moisture down. This will help you to fight dark spots and fine lines which are a significant sign of premature aging.