Don’t let emotions overwhelm me, says Dhawan


New Delhi, Sport has a lot to do with emotions. It compels an athlete to push beyond his limits, endure pain and sacrifice daily comforts in the hunt for glory.

Senior India batsman Shikhar Dhawan however, prefers to keep his feelings bottled inside and use them to fuel his performances on the field.

“I don’t show my emotions. The intensity stays inside me. Getting excited will not help. I like to have a clear mind but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any intensity,” Dhawan was quoted as saying.

“I can’t let pressure take control. The more I think about my game, the more it’s likely to hamper me. I have to make sure I don’t allow emotions to get the better of me and I am calm on the field,” he added.

Having struggled to get into the Indian team for most of his 20s, the left-hander from Delhi understands the value of patience and mental stability.

He used to be the captain of a young Delhi team that struggled with inconsistent performances in the Ranji Trophy.

A carefree youngsters during those days, Dhawan used enjoy having fun on his high-end sports bike after practice sessions.

A veteran now, he stills enjoys the occassional bike ride, although his wife Aesha is his companion now. Not just in Australia, where his wife is based, but in India as well.

“I still like to have fun the way I did during my Ranji days. I take my wife around for fun bike rides any time I want. I do it frequently in Delhi as well. Yahan par bhi kaun rokega mujhe (who’s going to stop me in Delhi)?” Dhawan said.

“I just tell her to put on a helmet and we hit the road any time we want.”