“I am Alive,” says actress Poonam Pandey day after faking her death for THIS reason


New Delhi: Day after spreading rumors of her death, controversial actress & model Poonam Pandey announced that she is still alive and the news of her demise was merely a PR stunt.

Taking to her official Instagram handle, the 32-year-old actress’ revealed that she has not passed away from her cervical cancer and that her motive behind spreading fake news of her death was to draw the public’s attention to cervical cancer which is a silent killer that claims the lives of thousands of women every year.

Shortly after confirming that she was alive, Poonam then also posted another follow-up video on her Instagram in which she apologized for lying about her death saying, “I am sorry I have caused this tear and I am sorry to those whom I’ve hurt. My intention was to shock everyone into the conversation we are not talking enough about, which is cervical cancer.”

However, in the same clip, the actress also justified her outrageous act & claimed that her bold step of faking her demise has got everyone talking about cervical cancer. She said, “Yes, I faked my demise. Extreme, I know. But suddenly, we all are talking about cervical cancer. Aren’t we?

“It is a disease that silently takes your life and this disease needed this spotlight urgently. I am proud of what my death news has managed to achieve.”, the model continued further,

Poonam Pandey bashed for faking Death
Poonam’s extremely bold PR stunt to spread awareness about cervical cancer by faking her death is now drawing mixed reactions from the netizens. While some are bashing the actress for lying about her death to gain attention, others are praising her for taking such a unique step to get everyone talking about cervical cancer.

Speaking on the same, one user wrote, “Knew your death was fake because plastic lives for 1000s years. This might sound distasteful but I’m just trying to spread awareness of the harmful effects of plastic.” Another wrote, “No one says you are dead for any campaign except you. Non sense.” A third fan added, “Worst PR Stunt, you could have done a better way, than highlighting such a sensitive topic for so many cancer patients.”