Alexander: The Making of a God OTT Release Date: When to watch the history of Alexander in this docu-series


New Delhi: The Making of a God, a six-episode documentary series set to premiere on Netflix, will feature Buck Braithwaite as the titular character, Alexander. The documentary series is set to debut on Netflix and will be accessible to watch beginning January 31, 2024, with two first episodes.

The epic tale of ancient Macedon’s renowned ruler, Alexander the Great, will be painstakingly recounted in the series.

Storyline of the Documentary
Prince Alexander, the series’ protagonist, wanted to conquer and unite countries. He was military-savvy from childhood. Alexander commanded a troop against the allied Greek nations aged 18 and won for his father, despite studying Aristotle in his teens. After his father’s death, Alexander ruled the empire with a solid grip.

Though not a dictator, he was brutal and ambitious. He declared himself King of Asia after conquering the Persian kingdom under Darius III, which gave him status, respect, and dangerous cockiness. It was hard to challenge his military power, wealth, and battle-hardened army. His imperialistic ventures in Western and Central Asia boosted his confidence until he encountered opposition at the Indus River.

Alexander retreated from India at his men’s request and was said to have died on his route to Babylon. He died in his early thirties, leaving an empire spanning Thrace to Egypt and Greece to the Indus River.

When and Where to Watch?
With the premiere of an ambitious hybrid documentary drama series, Netflix is planning to send spectators back in time in a spectacular drama on January 31, 2024.

Will Stevens plays Hephaestion, the boyhood buddy and alleged lover of the military genius, while Buck Braithwaite plays Alexander and Mido Hamada plays King Darius in the six-episode series. Nada El Belkasmi, Dino Kelly, Agni Scott, Alain Ali Washnevsky, and many more are among the other cast members.

Other Details
Based on the current and past discoveries of the Greek archaeologist Calliope Limneos-Papakosta, the series will primarily present academic insights, archaeological facts, and contemporary accounts; it will also portray Alexander’s ascent through the ranks, from warrior prince to military genius cum ruler. Also included in the documentary series, with supporting documentation, will be lesser-known aspects of his career and personal life.