High Alert in Delhi during G20: Delhi Police


New Delhi: Ahead of the G20 Summit scheduled to be held in the national capital on September 9 and 10, Special CP Protective Security Division, Delhi Police Madhup Tiwari said that this summit is going to be the biggest multi-lateral event in India since Independence and Delhi Police has taken comprehensive security arrangement steps including securing places like airport and summit venue. There will be high alert in the entire Delhi, he said.

Special CP Security, Delhi Police, Madhup Tiwari said, “The dimensions of security arrangements are more for a mega event like G20. The multi-dimensional security has been well planned. With the help of capacity building, repeated rehearsals, and briefings, we have ensured that the plan is well replicated on the ground as well… More than half of the Delhi Police is involved in this event, and we have received assistance from CAPF and armed forces…”

The Special CP Protective Security Division said that the Delhi police has taken several steps such as anti-terror measures, but it has also been ensured that the citizens have to face the least trouble and are not bothered.

“At every venue, a Special CP level officer has been made the venue commander. A DCP-level officer will be deployed as camp commander at the hotel. At the important venues, a Special CP-level office will supervise, and under them, there will be DCP-level zonal commanders present and to assist them joint CP, Additional level CP officers have also been deployed,” added the Special CP.

Madhup Tiwari further said that special arrangement has been made to ensure that there is no terrorist activity.

He said, “Delhi Police has limited manpower. We are getting help from CAPF in the form of staff and equipment. All our staff is ready for this event, and they have received role-based micro-functional level training. All the arrangements have been confirmed. They have been briefed, and rehearsals have been done. We are getting help from NSG and the armed forces. There will be high alert in the entire Delhi.”