Nawab Malik ‘releases details from letter, demands probe against Sameer Wankhede probing Mumbai drugs-on-cruise case


New Delhi: Maharashtra Minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik on Tuesday claimed that he has received a letter from an unnamed NCB official.

“I am sending this letter to DG Narcotics requesting him to include this letter in the investigation being conducted on NCB’s Sameer Wankhede. We demand there should be a probe,” he said.

Nawab Malik said that letter sent to him by an unnamed NCB official claims that a number of people have been framed in false cases. Panchnamas were drafted at NCB office. They demand investigation into this.

He had earlier shared the picture of the envelope from an unnamed NCB official.

Malik had earlier shared the birth certificate of Wankhede on Twitter saying “Sameer Dawood Wankhede’s fraud started from here.” Following this Wankhede said he will fight Malik legally.

Earlier, the Maharashtra minister had put an allegation of extortion on Wankhede while challenging the NCB official that he will lose his job within a year.

An NCB team busted an alleged drugs party on the Cordelia Cruise ship which was on its way to Goa at mid-sea on October 2.