Ayodhya to be developed as a solar city, solar panels on public & private buildings


New Delhi: Yogi government has prepared blueprint to develop Ayodhya as a solar city. The action plan has already been prepared in this regard by the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency and has also been presented before the chief minister.

According to the action plan, hydrogen fuel cell technology will be used for the first time as a pilot project to illuminate the entire temple premises on Shri Ram Janmabhoomi with solar energy.

The Government will also allocate funds for the installation of solar panels on government buildings. Besides, solar energy will be used in street lights, high masts, fans and passenger waiting rooms as well as public convenience centres of Panch, Chaudah and Chaurasi Kosi Parikrama Marg to be developed according to the convenience of tourists/devotees.The mobile phone charging points will also be connected to it.

Govt to grant financial aid for those interested in solar panel installation

Furthermore, Sita Rasoi (kitchen), which will have the capacity to feed 10,000 people per day, will also run on solar power. In order to encourage people to contribute to developing Ayodhya as a solar city, the Yogi Government will give special grant for installation of solar panels on rooftops to those interested in the exercise. These people will also be able to sell the surplus power from their consumption to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation at the official rate fixed per unit.

According to the estimates of the department, the annual energy consumption of Ayodhya city is about 281 million units whereas the desired solar capacity for the solar city is 165 MW. Out of this, 130 MW of solar energy will be supplied by installing solar plants on the identified land while 27 MW will be received from solar panels installed on the rooftops of the private and public buildings. The remaining power will be received from solar plants to be installed at other places.

CM Yogi is keen on developing Ayodhya into one of the most sought after tourist places of the world and has an elaborate plan for it. For example, the Government is working on beautification of ghats as well as beautification and expansion of the international airport, railway station and bus station, multi-level parking, ring road, ring 6 entrance gate, dharamshalas (rest houses for pilgrims) at every gate, guesthouses for devotees of Lord Shri Ram from other countries etc.

In addition to this, the Government wants to develop it in to a city that disseminates the message of environmental protection to the country and the world at large and hence the plan for solar city. The CM had mentioned his plan to develop Ayodhya as a solar city for the first time during the divisional review last year.