Pakistan’s Sindh province heading towards famine, left with just 10 days of water


Various regions in Pakistan are facing serious water shortage issues, including Sindh province which is facing a drought-like situation for the last few decades. Province Minister Sohail Anwar Khan Siaal admitted in a press conference that Sindh is barely left with a short amount of water useable for the next 10 days. Pakistan’s Meteorological Department has already issued alerts for a possible drought in at least 10 districts of Sindh Province.

As per Pakistan Irrigation Ministry, the region has not received any rainfall for quite a long period of time and there is no water left for agricultural needs or even for daily human needs. Siaal has blamed the Indus water treaty for the current situation. Not just that but he also criticized the Imran Khan-led government in Pakistan for only creating chaos and hatred in the country instead of developing infrastructure in the state.

Apart from that, Sindh has also announced cutting off the water supply to Balochistan, if the drought situation deepens in the next few days, which is very likely to happen. When asked, Sohail replied that it is difficult for Sindh to even fulfill its own water requirements, how can it possibly fulfill the needs of other regions. He also added that the Central government is willingly targeting Sindh and Balochistan Provinces.

Spokesperson to Balochistan government, Liyaqat Shahwani, accused Sindh of supplying less water to Balochistan. According to him, water supply to Balochistan has been decreased upto 42%, and now it is only receiving 7 thousand cubic water, which is insufficient for their needs. On the other hand, Sindh’s Chief Minister denied supplying water to Balochistan altogether in a statement.