Halal’ or ‘jhatka’: North corporation makes meat label mandatory for all restaurants, dhabas & meat shops


New Delhi: Mayor Jai Prakash on Wednesday said that in Hinduism & Sikhism, ‘halal’ meat is prohibited.

He said that they have approved a proposal, making it mandatory for all restaurants, dhabas & meat shops in North Delhi Municipal Corporation to put up posters stating whether they serve/sell ‘halal’ or ‘jhatka’ meat.

This comes after months after the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) passed a proposal that makes it mandatory to write ‘halal ‘ or ‘jhatka’ for the meat being served and sold by restaurants and meat shops.

According to the SDMC, appropriate action is likely to be taken against those found violating the rules.

‘Halal’ means “permissible” in Arabic. Food items made from ‘halal’ meat are certified to be permissible for Muslims to eat.

‘Jhatka’ is another method of slaughtering an animal.