China will take over US in 20 days if I don’t become President: Donald Trump


Washington: United States President Donald Trump has said in a statement at the New York economic club that the country will grow or prosper or reach several heights of achievements if he becomes president for the second time.

He said if he is elected as the President again, new opportunities will arise in the country. Trump said that the whole world had been suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have been killed due to the COVID-19 infection.

“In recent months, I have also acted swiftly to rescue the U.S. economy with an unprecedented $2.5 trillion dollars in aid,” said Trump when talking about a fantastic recovery in its economy, as the fastest recovered economy during the pandemic time.

Trump further said that in such a difficult time, only his government has the ability to tackle each and every problem facing the country.

“If I don’t become president, China will take over America in 20 days. Now I am perfectly healthy. Under my leadership, we will have a safe and effective vaccine before the end of the year. We will rapidly defeat the Chinese virus in the ongoing pandemic, roll back our critical supply chain, and take our economy to unprecedented new heights,” Donald Trump said.

He claimed, “The doctors allowed me to attend the election rallies.” Addressing the Economic Club of New York, Chicago, Florida, Pittsburgh, Shobogan, Washington DC. He arrived virtually at the event from the White House.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said he is contesting against the world’s worst candidate, Joe Biden. He told how Biden forgot the name of former presidential Republican candidate Mitt Romney during one of his speeches. He said, ‘If the Left gains power, they will shut down the economy, close schools, delay vaccines, promote the pandemic and implement the most extreme policies in the country’s history.”

Trump counted the achievements of his regime, stating, ”6 million people were lifted out of poverty, seven million jobs were created and real income for the family increased by 30,000,000 in the first three years.”