This card will let you avail any Metro service across India


New Delhi, The government is planning to launch a new smart card which can be used across all Metro rails in the country. Yes, you heard it right. But the number of trips would be limited. The passenger just needs to recharge them at the counter while availing the services.

Under the ‘One Nation One Card’ this service will be another addition to it. As per this scheme, a single card will be used for any mode of transport and also retail purchases. This cards will be issued by various banks and can be obtained by complying to strict KYC norms.

“Many people including those who are visiting a city or the country for limited period won’t go for the One Nation One Card complying with KYC norms. So, for them this new card would be the best option. These can be obtained by showing proof of passport for foreign visitors and Aadhaar card or any other proof,” said an official.

The card is expected to be launched in the next six months.

The urban affairs ministry is looking after the specifications of these new cards. “The card has to be uploaded at different Metro networks since each of them have separate fare rules,” official told.

So what will happen to our current smart cards? The smart cards that we use now can only be used in their own networks owing to some issues with the present system of dispensing tokens from the vending machines.

Sources told that the government is also working on other options also. While for a single journey, the passengers may be given an option to generate QR code or a paper slip.