No clash between Super 30-Manikarnika, Hrithik’s film to be shot again


New Delhi, For a long time, fans are waiting for Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Super 30’ and also has a huge expectation from it. But it seems they have to wait a little bit more. The news is that the film will be shot again to make it even better.

The producers have decided to shoot some parts of the film, which will give this biopic a better and wider variety. Actually, the aim of filmmakers is to make the story of Anand Kumar’s life so interesting that it can reach more are more audience. Earlier, after being accused of sexually assaulting, director Vikas Bahl was expelled from the project of ‘Super 30’. After which the speculations were being made that the release date of the movie could be postponed.

The film was supposed to be released on January 25 but now it does not seem to be so. Let’s tell you that Kangana Ranaut’s film Manikarnika is also releasing on January 25. If Super 30 was released on January 25, then surely there has been a tremendous fight between Manikarnika and Super 30. However, this does not seem to happen.

Let’s tell you that Super 30 is one of the important movies of Vikas Bahl. This film is being made on the life of Bihar’s teacher Anand Kumar. Not only this, Vikal has been expelled from an Amazon Prime’s web series after allegations of sexual harassment.