#MeToo: ‘When someone tried to rape me’, Soni Razdan discloses this shocking incident


New Delhi, These days, many women coming forward in the #MeToo Movement in Bollywood and exposing the harassment they had faced. There are many big names in these allegations and now they also have to suffer. Now, under the #MeToo movement, Alia Bhatt’s mother and actress Soni Razdan have also disclosed a similar incident.

Soni Razdan said that the incident of sexual harassment also happened to her several years ago, even though she did not name anyone. Soni Razdan said that this incident didn’t happen during her struggle period but during a film.

Soni further said that during the shoot, a man tried to rape her but he could not succeed in his intentions. At that time she doesn’t disclose it to anyone because she knew the people of his family. If she had said something, his family( children and family) would have suffered the punishment.’

Soni Razdan further said that ‘after this incident, I have never spoken to this person. I only told my roommate about it. I also felt that if I told this thing to others, hardly anyone would believe me. No action will be taken in the case, though today if such incident was with me, I would definitely complain about it.’

Soni Razdan has also worked with Alok Nath who’s facing the allegations of rape. When Soni was asked how is the nature of Alok Nath was on the set of the film, she said that after drinking alcohol he used to get drunk and talked in an abusive manner. I did not like the way he stared at me on the set.’