Not satisfied with the Saudis on Khashoggi investigation, says Trump


Washington, US President Donald Trump has said he was “not satisfied” with the response of Riyadh over the death of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate in Turkey.

The president also said a group of US officials are in Saudi Arabia and another group of investigators in Turkey are trying to gather information on this issue.

“I am not satisfied with what I’ve heard,” Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving for an election rally in Texas.

“We will know very soon. We have tremendously talented people very well. They’re coming back tonight or tomorrow and I will know very soon,” he said responding to a question.

Khashoggi, a writer for The Washington Post, was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, where he had gone to collect some papers related to his marriage.

For the first two weeks, the Government of Saudi Arabia had said Khashoggi left the consulate through the back door.

Following a global outrage, a few days ago, the Saudi government in a statement acknowledged that Khashoggi was killed in a fistfight inside the consulate and noted that an interrogation went wrong.

Except for Trump administration officials, lawmakers and think-tanks are saying that the Saudi explanation is not credible.

Trump had told reporters that he has spoken to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who wields the real power in Saudi Arabia after the King.

“We have people over in Saudi Arabia now. We have top intelligence people in Turkey. We’re going to see what we have.

“I’ll know a lot tomorrow, they’ll be coming back either tonight or tomorrow morning,” the US president said.

Responding to questions, Trump said he was against making any move on the USD 110 billion mega arms deal with the Saudis.