Shark Tank India 2: Ariella and Rebekah’s fluent Hindi left ‘Sharks’ impressed


New Delhi: Ariella Blank and Rebekah Sood pitched their ideas on health-based Kombucha drinks in the latest episode. They began speaking in English until Anupam Mittal asked them to continue in Hindi. The sharks were taken aback when the girls spoke fluent Hindi. Rebekah and Ariella talked about their business pitch, which involves using their pan-India brand to address health issues. The sharks were quite impressed by their Hindi.

Anupam Mittal responded, “You actually spoke in Hindi, I had just joked, because after seeing you, I didn’t think you’d be able to speak.” The girls claimed on being fluent in Hindi. “I thought I had entered Shark Tank US,” Aman Gupta said at this point.

Rebekah went on to tell how she came to India when she was one and a half years old. “We shifted to India in 1992. My father is a mechanical engineering professor who previously worked at IIT Kanpur. We fell in love with India and Indians. We decided to make our home here. Our parents are both Americans. “My sister is made in India bilkul Kombucha ki tarah.” The sharks couldn’t help but laugh on noticing the last line and Anupam said, “You can demonstrate your humour . Also, you are quite fluent in Hindi. “How adorable.”

The sharks tasted the drink and noticed the ten grams of sugar present in the drink, which is hazardous and termed the drink as a ‘foreign concept’. They stated that the sugar is not bad for the stomach, but it is necessary for bacterial culture. They also complained about the drink’s high price of Rs 220. Aman, Peyush, and Namita decided not to invest in the product after several discussions about its longevity.

“I wish you all the best and let me tell you, you are more Indian than Indians,” the statement made by Anupam at the ending grabbed all attention of the episode.