Urging UNSC, Afghans around the world trends #SanctionPakistan on Twitter


New Delhi: Pakistan, being a safe heaven for terrorists groups, has openly supported Taliban, conducting proxy-war against a war-torn Afghanistan. As Taliban seizes more cities in Afghanistan, netizens slammed Pakistan for its abetting terror, urging the world-leaders and UNSC to put sanctions on Paksitan.

Netizens from Afghanistan and around the world including journalists and politicians demands UN sanctions on Pak. The campaign launched by Kabul-based Journalist Habib Khan was trending on top with over 3 lakh tweets.

“Our country is burning. Millions of people are losing lives, families, homes and dreams. Women, men and children are being massacred on a daily basis. Cities fall, one after another, the world is watching a human catastrophe in the making,” he tweeted.

Former Canadian diplomat Chris Alexander took a dig at Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’. He said in his tweet, “Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine: the world sanctioned them. Pakistan is invading Afghanistan: what are we waiting for?”

“There will be no permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan without sanctions against Pakistan. Pakistan’s ‘forever war’ must end”, said an Afgan residing in Sweden.