Farmers Protest: Important meeting of farmers’ organizations at Sindhu border on 50th day of movement


New Delhi: Today is the 50th day of the farmers’ agitation against agricultural laws.

There is going to be a meeting between the representatives of the farmers’ organizations and the government tomorrow, i.e. January 15. Before this meeting, the farmers representative is going to meet today on the Sindhu border. The Supreme Court has already banned the implementation of all the three agricultural laws passed with the Center.

Significantly, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court has constituted a 4-member committee to resolve this issue. But the farmers say that they will not appear before the committee. Farmers say that after forming a committee on behalf of the Supreme Court, there is no point in talking to the government.

Earlier, a committee of three ministers led by Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar was in talks with the farmers union. Even after 9 rounds of talks between the government and the farmers, no concrete solution was found. In the last meeting held on 8 January, the two sides agreed to the talks on 15 January.

The farmers were adamant about implementing their proposed ‘Kisan Parade’ program on 26 January and traveled to Delhi. There is no change in the program of the movement announced by the United Kisan Morcha. The program to commemorate Women Farmers Day on January 18, swearing in memory of Shri Guru Govind Singh on January 20, and siege of the Raj Bhavan across the country on Azad Hind Kisan Diwas on January 23 will continue.

A large number of farmers have been blocking different borders of Delhi since November 26, demanding the repeal of the new agricultural laws. The farmers have blockaded many border points connecting Delhi to Uttar Pradesh and Haryana including Sindhu, Tikri, Palwal and Ghazipur.

Till now eight rounds of negotiations have been held between the government and the farmers, but all the efforts have been inconclusive.

At present, there is no solution to the issue. Negotiations also took place between the government and the farmers, but all efforts were inconclusive. The farmers are demanding complete removal of three new agricultural laws.

The farmers’ organizations are not willing to scale down their demands of a repeal of the agricultural laws and guarantee for the minimum support price (MSP) system.

Seeing that there is no solution to the issue among them, the anger among the farmers is gradually increasing.