Apple, Google ban social media app Parler from the App Store, Play Store


New Delhi: Apple has removed the social media app, Parler from the App Store. Google had previously removed Parler from its Play Store, following the violence at the US Capitol. Apple had stated that Parler had not undertaken required measures to stop the spread of posts which incited violence.

Why Apple banned the Parler:

Before the ban, Apple had provided Parler with 24 hours for submitting a content moderation plan, following the violence in Washington D.C. Apple had stated that the spread of posts meant to incite violence could have led to the violence in Washington D.C.

The Cupertino-based tech giant stated on Saturday, ‘We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues.’

Parler, in its response to Apple, stated that it ‘has been taking this content very seriously for weeks.’ The social media service stated that it would execute a moderation plan temporarily. Parler stated that it was creating a task force for quickly removing posts inciting violence.

Apple later denied these measures taken by Parler. The tech giant cited that it continued to find posts meant to incite violence and threats of violence on the platform. Apple cited the measures as ‘inadequate’ for curbing ‘dangerous content’ on Parler.

Google removes Parler from the Play Store:

Meanwhile, Google removed Parler, the social media app, from the Play Store. Google stated that the app had continued to permit posts related to violence to spread on its platform.

The tech giant stated that it continued to find posts that were meant to incite further lawlessness and violence. A spokesperson from Google noted that Google recognizes that apps might not be able to quickly remove dangerous content. However, the spokesperson noted that apps on Play Store are required to have a moderation system for ‘egregious content’.

Donald Trump was suspended from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitch, following the violence in Washington D.C.

Parler was first launched in 2018. The app proclaimed free discourse on its platform without features such as hidden replies on Twitter. The app drew right-leaning social media users in the U.S. Several Republican lawmakers have also joined the app.