First signs of World War 3? China warns US, claims PLA will capture Taiwan by 2021


New Delhi: China has given a clear warning to the US that it will fulfill Mao Zedong’s dream by occupying Taiwan in 3 days if a military conflict breaks out.

China first threatened the US to stay away from Taiwan and now has warned that the recent military exercises by the PLA Navy were not a hoax.

The Chinese government has warned the US that the country is preparing for war and the People Liberation Army (PLA) of  China will occupy Taiwan before 2021.

China can now attack Taiwan anytime. War against Taiwan means war with the US and war between the US and China means World War.

In 2021, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. Chinese president Xi Jinping is working on Mao’s China dream in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dreams of occupying Taiwan before its 100th anniversary.

Xi Jinping is working on the strategy of Deng Xiaoping, a famous leader of the CCP, who used to emphasise that achieving the desired goal is more important than the methods.

Taiwan separated from the Chinese mainland after the nationalist party established a separate nation on the island at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949.

However, China has never given up the option of using military force to occupy Taiwan.

China has increased its military activity around Taiwan in the last few months.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has also conducted military exercises in the South China Sea recently in an effort to put pressure on Taiwan.

Despite its much smaller size and resources, Taiwan has always stood up to unwarranted aggression by China.

The latest confrontation between the two east Asian neighbours took place on Friday and Saturday as dozens of Chinese aircraft violated Taiwan’s airspace and even crossed the sensitive mid-line of the Taiwan Strait.

The Chinese move forced Taiwan to scramble fighter jets, forcing the PLA aircraft to return. The escalation in military tensions took place even as a senior US official held talks in Taipei.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has said that 19 aircraft from China entered their Air Defense Identification Zone on Saturday. These aircraft entered the Taiwan area off the southeast coast and some of them crossed the Taiwan Strait Midline.

Along with 19 Chinese fighter jets, many PLA bombers also entered Taiwan’s airspace. In a way, China surrounded Taiwan from all sides. Perhaps China wanted to see what Taiwan would do now and the island nation responded immediately.

Taiwan flew American F-16s in response and forced the Chinese PLA aircraft to retreat.