Coronavirus Pandemic: COVID-19 records biggest ever global single-day jump


Geneva: Even as the COVID-19 virus claims countless victims around the world, the global coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of a respite.

The number of single-day coronavirus cases globally has hit a new record high, the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed.

In a statement on Sunday, the WHO said that there were 307,930 new coronavirus cases globally in the last 24 hours, the highest single-day figure ever registered and about 1,000 more than the previous recording-setting daily COVID-19 caseload a week earlier, reports Xinhua news agency.

The overall number of global coronavirus cases has topped 28.8 million, while the deaths due to COVID-19 have increased to over 922,000, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

As of Monday morning, the overall number of global coronavirus cases stood at 28,891,676, while the deaths have increased to 922,441.

The US accounted for the world’s highest number of coronavirus cases and COVID-19 deaths at 6,519,121 and 194,041 respectively.

India is currently in second place in terms of coronavirus cases at 4,754,356, while the country’s COVID-19 death toll stood at 78,586.

Brazil registered the world’s second-highest COVID-19 death toll, after the US, and the world’s third-largest coronavirus case count.

On Sunday, it reported 415 new coronavirus fatalities which took the overall COVID-19 death toll to 131,625.

The country also reported 14,768 new coronavirus cases, taking the total COVID-19 caseload to 4,330,455.

In terms of coronavirus cases, Brazil ranks third (4,330,455), and is followed by Russia (1,059,024), Peru (722,832), Colombia (708,964), Mexico (668,381), South Africa (649,793), Spain (566,326), Argentina (555,537), Chile (434,748), France (402,893), Iran (402,029), the UK (370,928), Bangladesh (337,520), Saudi Arabia (325,651), Pakistan (301,481), Turkey (291,162), Iraq (290,309), Italy (287,753), Germany (261,737), Philippines (261,216), Indonesia (218,382), Ukraine (158,122), Israel (155,604), Canada (138,640), Bolivia (125,982), Qatar (121,740), Ecuador (118,594), Kazakhstan (106,803), Dominican Republic (103,660), Romania (103,495), Panama (101,745) and Egypt (101,009), the CSSE figures showed.

The other countries with over 10,000 coronavirus deaths are the Brazil (131,625), Mexico (70,821), the UK (41,717), Italy (35,610), France (30,903), Peru (30,526), Spain (29,747), Iran (23,157), Colombia (22,734), Russia (18,517), South Africa (15,447), Chile (11,949), Argentina (11,352) and Ecuador (10,864).