world Coronavirus Impact: American senators urge Trump to counter China’s economic policy


Washington: The global coronavirus pandemic has seen the already strained ties between the USA and China plunge to new lows with the rivalry threatening ti erupt into a full blown trade war.

US president Donald Trump has accused China of deliberately creating the COVID-19 virus in a Wuhan laboratory and spreading the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Several countries has supported this US assertion, claiming that it was a deliberate step by the Chinese government, which was intended to suppress the economic growth of the entire world and help China achieving its goal of becoming the most dominant economic power.

Trump has threatened to cut off all relations with China even as several multinational companies have announced their intentions to relocating their operations in China to other countries.

The US Senate has now passed a legislation that could ban Chinese companies from listing shares on American exchanges.

The legislation may also ban Chinese companies from raising funds from American investors.

Now a bipartisan group of top American senators has urged Trump to take further action against China.

Alleging that China’s state-owned and state directed enterprises are looking to exploit the current economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic buying US and foreign companies, the bipartisan group of senators have urge the Trump administration to counter China’s international predatory economic behaviour.