Women don’t stop bleeding during epidemics!


New Delhi/NCR,  Covid 19 is crippling lives of the Shanty Dwellers in more than one way. Apart from struggling with saving themselves from starvation & Covid 19, the women face an even higher risk of catching other infections, owing to non-availability & non-affordability of safe & hygienic menstrual products.

Aayom Welfare Society is an NGO which has been reaching out to Shanty Dwellers & villagers in various parts of India for the last 14 years under its campaign “Snap The Taboo” and educating the women on safe & hygienic Menstrual practices and have been distributing Bio-Degradable Sanitary Pads to encourage these women to stop using unhygienic methods like Cloth, Sand, cotton etc as means of coping with their monthly menstrual cycles.

Apart from distribution of Groceries, Sanitizers & Masks, Aayom organized “Menstrual hygiene Sessions” in Sector 16 and Sector 17 shanties in Noida and distributed Bio-Degradable Sanaitary Napkins to more than 500 women in this week.

According to one of the Founders Shrimati Poonam Mansingh, every woman should have access to safe & hygienic menstrual hygiene products and it is equally important that they are well informed on safe menstrual practices. This is even more important during this pandemic as the women living in these shanties already are battling with so many other challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and the last thing they need at this hour is infections caused by poor menstrual hygiene practices.